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Plant Health Care



1. Plant Probiotics are like vitamins for your plants!

  • Increase plant growth & yield
  • Protect plants from diseases
  • Build immunity from pest attacks
  • Improve overall plant health from the sapling stage onward

All sustainable,100% natural ingredients.

Includes: Capsules/Pouches

2. Soil Probiotics restore the condition of the potting mix/soil for better plantation yield with.

The journey of a healthy plant starts with healthy soil!. All sustainable,100% natural ingredients.

When to use Plant/Soil Probiotics? The best time to use probiotics is when you are planting or repotting the plant.

How to use it? Just push the powder/capsules around the plant and then water it. In case of Capsules, recommended dosage – 3-4 capsules for small to medium plants, 6-8 capsules for large plants.

How does it help? Soil probiotics are naturally packed with good bacteria and fungus derivatives that support plant and soil health, increase nutrient uptake and promote plant resilience.

It contains fermentation derivatives like Cytokinins, Auxins, and Gibberellins, which promote cell multiplication, cell elongation & vegetative growth.

What sort of diseases does it help? With regular application, plants can develop immunity from moulds, bad fungus or other pathogens and are even better equipped to deal with insect attacks.

It also controls root rot disease and other soil-borne diseases. It also helps plants withstand drought and other environmental stresses.