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Our Chief Promoter & CEO Mr. K N Murthy, being a Post Graduate in Science & Technology, possesses vast experience and achieved International Award in being the promoter of a Life Sciences company which was declared as one among the Top 50 Healthcare Companies in the world, as judged & conferred by The International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare (IFAH), USA.

Also, he was recently accorded Honorary Doctorate in Life Sciences, conferred by Boston Imperial University, USA for his remarkable contribution to the Healthcare Industry.

He was also conferred International Life Time Achievement Award by Jordan River University, USA for his extraordinary contribution to the Healthcare Industry in June, 2023.

CEO's Achievements:

  • 1st International Award - Conferred by International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare (IFAH), USA
  • 2nd International Award - Honorary Doctorate & Gold Medal in Life Sciences conferred by Boston Imperial University, USA
  • 3rd International Award - International LifeTime Achievement Award in Healthcare conferred by Jordan River University, USA
  • 4th Pride Of India - Award conferred by South Asian Council of Research & Educational Development (SACRED) under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt.of India, in association with Boston Imperial University, USA on 30th September 2023 in the fields of Health & Life Sciences with Specialization in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Nutrition industries
  • 5th Guest Of Honour - for the Convocation Ceremony of renowned American & British Universities on 30th September 2023.
  • 6th International Award - Honorary Doctorate of Excellence in Healthcare conferred by the University of Entrepreneurship & Technology, USA in association with the Governing Council of the American Universities & Confederation of International Accreditations Council (CIAC), USA & Europe.
  • 7th International Award - Doctor of Science, conferred on 12th April by the British National University of Queen Mary, London, United Kingdom.
    3rd Doctorate from the UK, 1st & 2nd conferred by renowned American Universities.